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 Coulrophobia's Application.

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Coulrophobia's Application. Empty
PostSubject: Coulrophobia's Application.   Coulrophobia's Application. Icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 6:27 pm


Furc Name: Coulrophobia

Irl Age: 14

Alts: None. I only play this character.

Past Experience: Used to work at Sparkling Falls, but I quit for... personal reasons. If you must know
why, you can ask... ><;

How Long have you been coming to the dream: Not long, but I love it already. Very Happy

How many hours are you on a week Approximately: 2-3 hours a day. Maybe more.

Are you a Patcher? Portist?(This answer does not affect your application)
If you said "Yes" to the Above question would you be willing to make free patches/ports for the dream or at a
discount price?(This answer does not affect your application)
No, I'm not all that good. ><;

(1) If a furre came to the desk and asked "What is this place? what can i do here" how would you explain it

to them?(50 words min)
My response exactly would be... "THIS is Tropical Homes! Very Happy You can do numerous things here. You can

decorate a house or garden. You can fish, farm, play games in the event, and battle in the arena! If you have

any questions you can always ask me for some help. ^^"

(2) Why do you think you should be hired?Because, I think I'm a loyal and caring person. ^^ I love to

help people out, it's just in my nature.

(3) What would you do if a furre was being abusive towards staff and patrons? I would warn them to stop

and after three warnings, they still don't stop, I would eject them. If they return I would take logs and report

to the owner.

(4) what would you do if you caught people breaking into homes and stealing there items/messing up the

1st, return the items to the rightful owners and warn that furre to stop stealing. If they don't,


(5) What would you do if a staff member was clearing items around the dream? Tell them to stop. If they

don't I'll take screen shots and show the owner. Maybe even eject them myself. Also, I would try to put the

items back as they were.

(6) What would you do if a staff was clearing Houses when there wasn't a house check going on and the owner

of the house didn't request for his house to be cleared?
Applogize to the owner of the house and tell the

staff member to stop. If they don't stop, screenshots and/or ejection. I would also try to help the patron who

owns the house, redecorate if they wanted.

(7) How would you react if a staff was acting rudely towards you? and furres in the dream? If I had share, I would tell them to stop before ejection. If I didn't I would still try to tell them to stop and then take screen shots to show a staff member to deal with it later.

(8 ) What would you do if you were ejected for no reason? and didn't no which staff ejected you I would just return to the dream, it was probably someone just messing around. I don't really mind. ^^

(9) What would you do if you Over heard the owner of the dream and co-owners and a few staff talking about

something you did wrong in the dream?
I wouldn't do anything. They have a right to talk about something I did wrong. After they're done discussing I would applogize and take whatever consiquences there are.

(10) Have you read the staff rules? if so whats the last rule? Yes I have read them. The last rule is, "Don't abuse staff powers." A good rule, might I add.

(11) was this application fun? #SQ hahaSure was. ;D

(12) Any last comments?..
Yeah, I won't be able to be on the computer on weekends. Also, I'm leaving today, (Wednesday, 19) and I won't return until Friday. So, sorry about that. ^^;
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Coulrophobia's Application.
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