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 Dereky's New Aplication

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PostSubject: Dereky's New Aplication   Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:45 am

Furc Name:Dereky
Irl Age:15
Past Experience:I worked at Golden Homes, An old BAH
How Long have you been coming to the dream:Since 2 weeks. I allways stay with Amber in house 6
How many hours are you on a week Approximately:3 per day/21 Hours per week
Are you a Patcher? Portist?(This answer does not affect your application)
If you said "Yes" to the Above question would you be willing to make free patches/ports for the dream or at a discount price?(This answer does not affect your application)Not Really.

(1) If a furre came to the desk and asked "What is this place? what can i do here" how would you explain it to them?
This is a Build a home, here you can RPG in the homes.We have Homes (1-33), Beach Homes (b1-b10), and gardens(g1-10).
Choose one of them and come back to the desk. I will be happy to sell you your chosen house.

(2) Why do you think you should be hired?
I'm allways online, I already had past experience, and I love this BAH. I also speak Portuguese very well.

(3) What would you do if a furre was being abusive towards staff and patrons?
I would ask the to tell what's the problem.. So I would fix it!

(4) what would you do if you caught people breaking into homes and stealing there items/messing up the place?
First of all, I would tell to stop, then,if it doesnt work I would eject him/her.

(5) What would you do if a staff member was clearing items around the dream?
I would eject him/tell the dream owner.

(6) What would you do if a staff was clearing Houses when there wasn't a house check going on and the owner of the house didn't request for his house to be cleared?
If the staff does that, he's breaking the rules, so I would tell him to stop. And later I would help the house owner to fix what the other staff messed up.

(7) How would you react if a staff was acting rudely towards you? and furres in the dream?
I dont care if he's rude with me, but he can't do this with the other furres.. So I would tell him to stop.

(8 ) What would you do if you were ejected for no reason? and didn't no which staff ejected you
I would try to discover who did that, and tell him to dont do this.

(9) What would you do if you Over heard the owner of the dream and co-owners and a few staff talking about something you did wrong in the dream?
First I would apologize for my mistake, and later, I would try to fix it.

(10) Have you read the staff rules? if so whats the last rule?
You never should abuse the staff power.

(11) was this application fun? #SQ haha
Yes it was!!

(12) Any last comments?
I loved your BAH, And I would love to be hired here.
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PostSubject: Re: Dereky's New Aplication   Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:06 am

Accepted it was a bit short.

But you seem like a pretty good person!
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Dereky's New Aplication
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