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PostSubject: Application   Application Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 6:37 pm

Do not Post your Application to Cocaine or Any staff member otherwise it will be Automatically declined, Do not ask Cocaine or a staff member to check your application otherwise it will be declined! Thankyou.

Furc Name:
Aimee Hart
Irl Age:
13 on August 5th!!!
Too many.
Past Experience:
Many BaH's
How Long have you been coming to the dream:
Couple weeks with friends and different charaters.
How many hours are you on a week Approximately:
52+ Hours i thinkAre you a Patcher? Portist?(This answer does not affect your application)
no, sorry
If you said "Yes" to the Above question would you be willing to make free patches/ports for the dream or at a discount price?(This answer does not affect your application)


(1) If a furre came to the desk and asked "What is this place? what can i do here" how would you explain it to them?(50 words min)
I would say "Hello welcome to tropical homes. I'm Becca. There are 32 Houses, 10 beach houses, and 10 gardens. There are teleport commands like desk front or items and then the 32 houses 10 gardens and beach houses. you can say qc for more quicker items. If you need anymore help just whisper me." I would also help them with everything till they know what to do completely.

(2) Why do you think you should be hired?
I think i should be hired because I'm nice and respectful.

(3) What would you do if a furre was being abusive towards staff and patrons?:
I would Eject for rudeness and not respecting staff.

(4) what would you do if you caught people breaking into homes and stealing there items/messing up the place?:
Eject them for the reason of B&E.

(5) What would you do if a staff member was clearing items around the dream?:
I would fix the items missing and screen shot this staffer doing it and logs too for the owner.

(6) What would you do if a staff was clearing Houses when there wasn't a house check going on and the owner of the house didn't request for his house to be cleared?:
I would speak to the staffer who was doing that and i would try and talk him to remake it for the patrons if the patrons says okay.

(7) How would you react if a staff was acting rudely towards you? and furres in the dream?:
I would react normal and speak to the staff about rudeness.

(8 ) What would you do if you were ejected for no reason and didn't no which staff ejected you?:
I would problely ignore it but if that person does it again I would talk to the owner.

(9) What would you do if you Over heard the owner of the dream and co-owners and a few staff talking about something you did wrong in the dream?:
I would politly ask the owner what I did wrong and I would try and fix what I did

(10) Have you read the staff rules? if so whats the last rule?:
Quote :
No abuseing staff powers.

(11) was this application fun? #SQ haha:

(12) Any last comments?..
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 11:09 pm

Answers were short and un detailed. App was hard to read.

Grammar was poor.

I haven't seen you in the dream.

I'm sorry but,

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