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 EliotzMarsh's app :3

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PostSubject: EliotzMarsh's app :3   EliotzMarsh's app :3 Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 1:35 pm

Furc Name:EliotzMarsh
Irl Age:...10
Alts:[Got none]
Past Experience:Well I've alot of mystic homes copys,Mochaccinos new dream when she gets it up I'm the co-owner ^^
How Long have you been coming to the dream:Well My friend showed me this dream,So not very long,THough i've already fell in love with it and I'm determined to fill out this app.
How many hours are you on a week Approximately:Well...I would say 17 hours
Are you a Patcher? Portist?(This answer does not affect your application)
If you said "Yes" to the Above question would you be willing to make free patches/ports for the dream or at a discount price?(This answer does not affect your application)No I am not,THough I could draw a pretty good kitty cat on paper lol :3

(1) If a furre came to the desk and asked "What is this place? what can i do here" how would you explain it to them?(50 words min)"[Furre] Welcome to the
tropical homes bah,You could...Farm,Fish and con ocasion staff will hold races for money!With the money you earn from farming,fishing and races you could get plushies for the plushie room ^^."
(2) Why do you think you should be hired?
WEll In fact theres no reason,I just felt the temptation and the determination...Becasue all the staff are'nt jerks,And they are'nt mean I want to be one of them ^^
(3) What would you do if a furre was being abusive towards staff and patrons?"[Furre] THis is your first warning,You May not Bother patrons or staff,IF you continue to do so You will be ejected ^^ Sorry for the inconvience."

(4) what would you do if you caught people breaking into homes and stealing there items/messing up the place?
I Would say to the furre "There will be an emit to be warned of house spammers,I will not mention your name,IF you stop spamming,THis is your first warning treat it wisley,Have a good day ^^."
(5) What would you do if a staff member was clearing items around the dream?Well if it was just a normal staff member I would say to them "I hate to be nosey and all,But did you ask the higher ranking staff?" If not I would say "Well I'm sure you could get in trouble for that,You better ask now...Or do it a different time." If they refuse to take my soft warning wisely I will,Tell the higher rankers.

(6) What would you do if a staff was clearing Houses when there wasn't a house check going on and the owner of the house didn't request for his house to be cleared?Yet another time I feel as though warnings are the best Very Happy,So I would nicely tell them "As staff,Though thats not in the rules,You know thats not nice,This is just a fare warning but I hope you put it to use,If not I will tell higher staff what you have done,And only hope they will put this in the rules."

(7) How would you react if a staff was acting rudely I don't like that behavure that your puting twards me,THis is a warning I hope You'll learn from it,THough if not I will tell higher staff,THis is not a threat its a warning."

(8 ) What would you do if you were ejected for no reason? and didn't no which staff ejected you I would complain to the higher ranks saying "I was ejected,I did nothing wrong...But I don't know who did it,Could you help me out?"

(9) What would you do if you Over heard the owner of the dream and co-owners and a few staff talking about something you did wrong in the dream? I would stand up to myself,Knowing that if I did something wrong,It would'nt have been nothing big

(10) Have you read the staff rules? if so whats the last rule?Yes in fact I have :3 It said...Don't act like dicks basicly :3

(11) was this application fun? #SQ haha XD Of course ^^

(12) Any last comments?..Nope I think that covered it all,Thank you ^^
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PostSubject: *shrugs*   EliotzMarsh's app :3 Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 3:01 pm

I have to say.............I love it! You would be a great member of the team! Of course I could teach you the ropes, I have to say! You're

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PostSubject: Re: EliotzMarsh's app :3   EliotzMarsh's app :3 Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 11:05 pm



grammar was poor. your way to young. question 1 wasnt 50 words.

all in all, the app sucked.
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PostSubject: Re: EliotzMarsh's app :3   EliotzMarsh's app :3 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2009 7:08 am

Your way too young to be staff, I didn't find you spelling or grammar fascinating at all.

Not Recommended.

Lerry ~ afro
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PostSubject: Re: EliotzMarsh's app :3   EliotzMarsh's app :3 Icon_minitime

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EliotzMarsh's app :3
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