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 Aoyama-Kun's Application

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PostSubject: Aoyama-Kun's Application   Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:07 pm

Furc Name:

Irl Age:

House seeker and Atticus Rhodes

Past Experience:
2 years of BAH experience. My alt House seeker is now working at Freedom homes and have been working in Viva Homes and other BAH's for the past 2 years

How Long have you been coming to the dream:
I just came in at July 29, 2009

How many hours are you on a week Approximately:
At least 6 Hrs

Are you a Patcher? Portist?(This answer does not affect your application)
If you said "Yes" to the Above question would you be willing to make free patches/ports for the dream or at a discount price?(This answer does not affect your application)
No but I am a very good DSer and a map maker


(1) If a furre came to the desk and asked "What is this place? what can i do here" how would you explain it to them?(50 words min)
I would say "Welcome to Tropical Homes, This place is called a Build-A-Home. A Build-A-Home is where you buy a house and decorating it. You can bring friends and chat. There is sometimes contests in this dream for a prize. Say !commands for the list of commands. 1-32 are the houses there are. If you say like 1, it'll take you to House 1. If you say 2, it'll take you to House 2 and so on. g1-10 are gardens. There's a big difference between a house and garden. Houses have an inside place, Gardens only have an yard. Something unique here that many BAH's don't have is an Beach homes! Beach Homes has no front yard and the inside is smaller than a house. If you want to get there, say b1-10 Do you want to know where to ask to buy a house? The desk! If you want to go there, say desk. If you want to decorate your house, say items to get items so you can decorate. If you want to change the floors of your homes, say floors. All you have to do is to stand on one of the floors and say copyf and then stand on the floor that you want to paste. Say pastef. There's a tutorial about fishing and farming. Say farming or fishing. There is an chapel here also where weddings take place. Say chapel to get there. There's an adoption center where you can get adopted or adopt an furre. Say adoption to get there. There is an party room where you can party. Say party room to get there. There are plushies here (same as dolls). They cannot be found anywhere else in the dream. You have to pay with gold to get them. say Plushie to get there. There are variety of locals. We got Spyro, Yoshi, Moose, Llama, Parakeet, Pig, wolf, Charizard, Rox. To become one of those locals, say one of the name of the local like Charizard. Theres other commands like lasthc to check when the last house check has started. Stats to see how many people came in and stuff. There's the forum in this dream. The forum is for stuff like news and whats new. Its also where you can apply if were hiring."

(2) Why do you think you should be hired?
This place is very nice and I love the graphic. It's very unique and I love to help out as best as I can. I love to chat also.

(3) What would you do if a furre was being abusive towards staff and patrons?
I would give the patron 3 warnings to stop. If he continues to be abusive to the staffs and patron, I will eject the patron and save the log and report it to the owner or co-owners.

(4) what would you do if you caught people breaking into homes and stealing there items/messing up the place?
I would give him 3 warnings to fix up the house and if he refuses, I would eject him and save a screenshot and log and report it to the owner or co-owner

(5) What would you do if a staff member was clearing items around the dream?
I would tell the staff to stop deleting the items and give that staffs 3 warnings. If the staff continues, I would eject the staffs and quickly report the owner or co-owner right away

(6) What would you do if a staff was clearing Houses when there wasn't a house check going on and the owner of the house didn't request for his house to be cleared?
I would ask the staff that why is he/she deleting the houses without anyone requesting it or there's no house check, If she/he thought there was a house check, I would tell him/her that there wasnt any house check. If he/she did it for fun, I would eject the staff and then report to the owner or co-owner.

(7) How would you react if a staff was acting rudely towards you? and furres in the dream?
I would be heart breaking and tell him/her to stop being so rude. If she/he still being rude, I would report this to the owner or co-owner or post it on this website.

(8 ) What would you do if you were ejected for no reason? and didn't no which staff ejected you
I would ask him/her that why did she/he ejected me. If he/she did it for fun, I would report this to the owner or co-owner or post it on this website.

(9) What would you do if you Over heard the owner of the dream and co-owners and a few staff talking about something you did wrong in the dream?
I would be preparing for the worst. If I get fired, I would apologize what that I have done to the dream and I would fix my problems. I don't really care if I get fired if I did something wrong. If I get fired for no reason, I would fight to get that share back.

(10) Have you read the staff rules? if so whats the last question?
I have read the staff rules
(4) Dont act like dicks basically

(11) was this application fun? #SQ haha
At the time when I'm bored, yes, I think it's fun

(12) Any last comments?..

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PostSubject: Re: Aoyama-Kun's Application   Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:29 pm

Uhh we-ell the part where you fight for your share i didn't like >> (hates violence) But i've seen you in the dream manyyy times and you oviously know your way around the dream.

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PostSubject: Re: Aoyama-Kun's Application   Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:02 am

i really don't know about your app. saw a few spelling errors,
and "I would be heart breakening" didn't really like that,
1. that's kinda rude.'s spelled "breaking"
Sorry but
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PostSubject: Re: Aoyama-Kun's Application   

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Aoyama-Kun's Application
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